Stefania Barbaglio

Stefania Barbaglio

  • Founder and Director at Cassiopeia Services

Stefania Barbaglio: Disruptor, Entrepreneur, Investor, PR Marketing Guru, Business Strategist and Advisor. Stefania Barbaglio is a London-based entrepreneur, business strategist, and widely recognised  PR and Investor Relations expert who has advised a range of private and listed companies across many sectors, including new technology, and has facilitated multiple deals globally. In 2015 she founded Cassiopeia Services, the award-winning UK-based boutique Investor & Public Relations agency with a dedicated online channel: FinancialFox, the Real Deal City of London financial TV show, with exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, innovators, listed company CEOs and market leaders. In the technology space, she has worked with a range of international blockchain application-focused companies on their ground-breaking projects, including leading names such as US-based DigiByte blockchain and Cardano. She is an influencer with a large investor following and is considered one of the top British female social media PR experts. Ms. Barbaglio has also guided various firms in business development, fundraising & organisational dynamics, as well as leading large-scale tech and investment events. She is a keynote speaker on new technology disruption, fake news and cybersecurity big data, alternative investment, social empowerment, and marketing strategies with a focus on social media and building strong communities. Ms. Barbaglio also hosts regular symposia for public companies and start-ups: investor presentations and networking evenings in exclusive private venues. She is a fellow and alumna of Oxford University and has two MAs: International Journalism from Westminster University (UK) and TV Production from IULM University (Italy) , as well as ten years' previous experience as a freelance financial journalist and producer for mainstream TV channels including Bloomberg, BBC & leading in-house Investor Relations & PR departments. Entrepreneur, mentor, networker: Stefania has a keen eye for investment and innovation.

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