Simona Andrijauskaitė

Simona Andrijauskaitė

  • Co-Founder, Chief Business Development Officer at Interactio

Simona Andrijauskaitė is a Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer at Interactio - a meetings platform that revolutionized the way multilingual events are happening. Interactio has raised the largest $30M Series A round in Baltics in 2021. Their clients include the EU, UN, Microsoft, BMW among others. Interactio was the platform of choice for the European Commission international pledging conference "Coronavirus Global Response." Interactio was used to facilitate the multilingual event that raised 7.5 billion EUR in donations to Gali, the vaccine alliance fighting COVID-19. Simona has empowered the 12-fold growth of the company between 2019 and 2020. Besides that, Simona is a frequent speaker on how to organise successful multilingual events.

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Day 5 | #GAQ4M 11/12/2021 9:30 am
Day 4 | #EGQ4M 11/11/2021 9:00 am
Day 3 | #PMKT2021 11/10/2021 9:30 am
Day 2 | #TCSE2021 11/09/2021 9:30 am
12:45 - 13:45 CET


Day 1 | #TCSA2021 11/08/2021 11:00 am