Peter Bassill

Peter Bassill

  • CEO and Founder of Hedgehog Security

Peter Bassill is the CEO and Founder of Hedgehog Security. His career in information and cyber security has spanned 26 years working both in the public and private sector across multiple verticals, including offensive security, networking engineering, systems operations, information security and data forensics. For the last three consecutive years Pete has been voted Cyber security CEO of the year by industry bodies. Outside of the world of cyber security Pete is a semi professional GT Endurance racer, computing in the global Creventic 24h series and the Road to Le Mans.

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Day 5 | #GAQ4M 11/12/2021 9:30 am
Day 4 | #EGQ4M 11/11/2021 9:00 am
Day 3 | #PMKT2021 11/10/2021 9:30 am
Day 2 | #TCSE2021 11/09/2021 9:30 am
10:15 - 11:15 CET


Day 1 | #TCSA2021 11/08/2021 11:00 am