Daniele Alfonso

Daniele Alfonso

  • Strategic Account Executive at Onfido

For over 15 years Daniele has been at the leading edge of iGaming and Digital Marketing, helping operators to navigate the risks and customer experience challenges involved in safely transacting with customers in the digital channels. From the early days, specializing in Customer Onboarding & User Experience, then through the Fraud Prevention and Credit Rating companies, using data assets and content to maximize the players’ and users’ journeys, and now with Onfido, Daniele continues the career theme of ‘verifying real identity in a remote world’. Daniele has helped hundreds of companies to realize and exploit their digital channels, enabling their customers to deliver service and experience excellence. Daniele’s expertise stemming from the years of experience with TransUnion, Racing Post and now Onfido has covered users onboarding, authentication and Fraud Prevention. In an industry where abusers and fraudsters must be stopped while keeping the players’ journey frictionless, Daniele’s knowledge and understanding have been crucial to the client’s projects and process success.

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10:15 - 11:15 CET


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