Dallas Baker

Dallas Baker

  • Head of International Operations at The BetMakers Holdings Limited

Dallas Baker serves as the Head of International Operations for the Australian Securities Exchange listed BetMakers Technology Group (ASX:BET). BetMakers is a global leader in business-to-business technology and integrity systems that provide highlyreliant bleeding-edge products for wagering operators which enable seamless interaction between race tracks and racing bodies, the tools operators require to manage racing books and the ‘bells and whistles’ to maximize the customer experience. Dallas has been focused on the US and surrounding markets since 2018 with a major focus on bringing fixed-odds wagering on horse racing into these markets. With the critical support of Seton Hall Alumni William Pascrell III and BetMakers CEO Todd Buckingham, Dallas was the driving force behind the history-making announcement between BetMakers, Darby Development LLC and the New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen Association which will see fixed-odds betting commence with Monmouth Park’s season in May 2020. Dallas has also been instrumental in constructing deals and the ‘behind the scenes’ mechanics for the majority of the US tracks being distributed to Australian and international markets, creating significant additional revenue streams to flow back into the racing industries right across the Americas.

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