Chris Strijbosch

Chris Strijbosch

  • Vice President Of Business Development, Nanocosmos

Chris joined nanocosmos 2010. He has over 30 years hands-on entrepreneur and management experience with stations in Netherlands, Germany and the US. At nanocosmos he is overseeing Business Development ensuring the demands of all markets such as streaming and iGaming are covered with their dynamic and diverse requirements. Being part of the turning point and helping a company with accomplishing the next milestone of sales-profit growth has become Chris’ second nature. He worked at Hauppauge Computer Works where he successfully built up the international subsidiary to become a leading TV/Video brand. With his entrepreneur and consulting endeavors he is also involved in HighTechXL, Europe’s Prime Hub for High-Tech Hardware Startups. His experience covers a wide range of industries such as Global B2B and B2C Retail, E-commerce, Software service models and Distribution, Sports Industry to name just a few. Chris has an MBA from the Business School Nederland.

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